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  1. Cynthia Addai-Robinson
    STUDIO83 News (7 years)
    cynthia addai, cynthia addai-robinson, chicks dig thursdays, model, actress, spartacus, tv, series
  2. Johnnie Walker — Human (The Android)
    STUDIO83 News (8 years)
    johnnie walker, human, the android, advertising, tv, advert
  3. Mada Phuck The Polizia
    75 - Kunta Kinte (8 years)
    drawing with light, theme, tv, universal channel, long exposure
  4. Misunderstanding Mondays: What he/she has that you dont
    STUDIO83 News (8 years)
    misunderstanding mondays, south africa, africa, better, values, competing, promotion, self-esteem, self realisation, inside, outward, question, answer, scenario, girl, perfect target, rate ourselves, perception, tv, radio, michael mack magagane, magazines
  5. Glow
    75 - Sthe Ngcobo (8 years)
    sun, old, tree, tv, antena, wire, twigs, dusk, approaching
  6. Pabi Moloi
    STUDIO83 News (8 years)
    chicks dig thursdays, pabi moloi, presenter, radio, tv, avon, justine, south africa, africa
  7. 3D Tele-vision
    75 - Kunta Kinte (8 years)
    long exposure, tv, effects, crib, midrand, cold, heater, chilling, universal channel
  8. Focus
    75 - Kunta Kinte (8 years)
    tshego, niece, tv, baby sitting, love, those moments
  9. Nonhle Thema
    STUDIO83 News (8 years)
    chicks dig thursdays, nonhle thema, model, tv, presenter, south africa
  10. Bronze — The Bookmarks Awards
    STUDIO83 Blog (8 years)
    bronze, the bookmarks awards, thank, you, note, grateful, humbled, editorial, craft, news, magazine, radio, tv, stations, networks, green point, cape town, south africa
  11. Forbidden Fruit
    75 - Nanometa (9 years)
    apple, reflection, tv, home, herinmind no work

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